Akamantis Business Center can be used as a training center, for seminars, conferences, meetings, interviews, exhibitions and any other event that the center may accommodate you with. The center has two main conference rooms which accommodate 6 – 75 persons and two smaller conference rooms which accommodate 6 - 14. It also has exhibition rooms, which consists of Akamantis main conference rooms as well as the lobby and passage located on the first floor and second floor. A computer & or copy room, a kitchen, a storage room as well as parking space. The whole center is equipped with wireless connection and is 800 square meters, first floor, second floor and ground floor together.

10 Egypt Street ▪ CY – 1097 ▪ Nicosia ▪ Cyprus ▪  P.O.Box 22392 ▪ CY – 1521 ▪ Nicosia ▪ Cyprus 
Telephone: +357 22 676797 ▪ Facsimile: +357 22 676747 ▪ akamantis@akamantis.com ▪ www.akamantis.com

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