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Γιώργος Παφίτης


Γεννήθηκε στην Αγγλία Liverpool,  το 1988.. 

2009-2010: Foundation, Cyprus College of Art (Kornaro Institute), Larnaca

2010-2012: Diploma in Fine Arts, Cyprus College of Art (Kornaro Institute), Larnaca

2015-present:  Bachelor in Fine Arts, Aigaia School of Art and Design, Nicosia




Ομαδική Έκθεση ΄Νέοι Καλυτέχνες΄, στην Opus Gallery, Λευκωσία.




My work involves materials like pen, ink and metal. I have also worked with etching on lino and

zinc. I have been using inks and pens since my early works. I tried welding scrap metal during my

foundation course and it has been the biggest part of my art since then. Simple two or three

piece sculptures that I have always been trying to improve by continually getting bigger in piece

number and size and adding simple mechanisms, inspired by one of my most respectful artists Da

Vinci, making them kinetic in some cases.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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